Senator Whitehouse's 5th Annual Energy & Environmental Leaders Day a Big Hit!

Val Tutston, Sen., Whitehouse, and Ed Cardinal on ReNewable Now Set

As ReNewable Now was setting up early in the morning at the Providence Convention Center, we were approached by Karen M. Bradbury, Assistant Projects Director to Senator Whitehouse's office. She came over and we started chatting about expectations, and she looked at us with a bit of a smile and indicated that they were still getting RSVPs late into the night, and calls for people wanting to attend the morning of. She anticipated standing room only, and she was right. The event was very well attended, and we can say from our interviews that it was also very well received.

The combination of seeing government working with educators, business leaders, and social engineers in a bi-directional approach towards environmental, and energy issues really made the day feel more like a retreat, and a breath of fresh air as it was balanced very nicely. From Dr. Sylvia Earle addressing the pressing concerns of our oceans, to Jeff Goodell's thoughts on the urgency to act, to EPA Director Gina McCarthy explaining how climate change is a public health concern. And, we have to say, if you have never heard a Gina McCarthy presentation, you need to hear one.  She has a great style to her public speaking presentations.

For those of you who couldn't make it, or those of you who were there and want to revisit the event, ReNewable Now will be posting video interviews and podcasts over the next week for you to enjoy.