LEED Platinum Core, Torre Reforma, in Mexico City, is a Locus of Innovation

With its distinctive triangular volume and soaring concrete walls, Torre Reforma makes an eye-catching addition to the skyline of Mexico City. To achieve this impact, Arup worked with L. Benjamin Romano Arquitects (LBRA) to ensure that the 57-story mixed-use building was not only striking in appearance, but safe in its performance -- a particular concern in the seismically active location.

"Arup has been indispensable in helping to transform my architectural vision into an efficient and buildable structure," said Benjamin Romano, principal of LBRA. "They have provided innovative solutions to the complex seismic issues in Mexico City and have been instrumental in helping the bidding contractors understand that Torre Reforma is ... MORE


Bees' ability to forage decreases as air pollution increases

Air pollutants interact with and break down plant-emitted scent molecules, which insect pollinators use to locate needed food, according to a team of researchers led by Penn State. The pollution-modified plant odors can confuse bees and, as a result, bees' foraging time increases and pollination efficiency decreases. This happens because the chemical interactions decrease both the scent molecules' life spans and the distances they travel.

While foraging for food, insects detect floral scent molecules in the air. Wind currents can carry these molecules up to thousands of feet from their original source to... MORE


CLINTON and Sustainability


Last week, we reviewed the RNC and their presidential candidate, Donald Trump, to see where he stood when it comes to sustainability and the environment. This week, it’s the Democrats' turn as they hold their convention Philadelphia...MORE

Expanding Antarctic sea ice linked to natural variability

The recent trend of increasing Antarctic sea ice extent -- seemingly at odds with climate model projections -- can largely be explained by a natural climate fluctuation, according to a new study led by the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR).

The study offers evidence that the negative phase of the Interdecadal Pacific Oscillation (IPO), which...MORE

Maison L’Arc-en-Ciel-Building the Sustainable Orphanage: Team Spotlight: Bob Keiser


The Honey for Haiti Project has been supported by many, but our most active supporter, fundraiser, and resident beekeeper, Bob Keiser, is an especially important person to the success of the sustainability farm at Maison L’Arc-en-Ciel.

Bob Keiser, 65 is a “mostly” retired beekeeper from Madison, CT, where he has resided for many ...MORE



A Low Carbon Economy Starts Here

The Paris Accords committed each country to building a low carbon economy as they cooperate on reducing emissions by switching over to more efficient, cleaner tech and energy.  However, that agreement is just the infancy of a movement that we, too, must embrace to make the same shift.

The Climate Group, as represented on today's show by Ben Ferrari, Director of Partnerships for this extraordinary group, is part of the army that will lead us all to a happy economy.  Whether working with government leaders, corporate CEO's or large, global NGO's, they equip every organization with the tools to design, plan and build a worldwide, economic powerhouse that will sustain every community at the highest possible quality of life.

Ben makes clear that real action takes place now.  The blue print is done.  Through government credits and policy changes, and industry and consumers embracing a "We Mean Business" attitude, positive change will cascade through every part of our social and economic systems.

This transformation, according to Ben and The Climate Group, offers the world a 12 trillion dollar investment opportunity.  A chance to invest in preserving our natural capitol and the health of our environment.  A chance to build a better planet for future generations.  A chance, like no other, to respect, preserve and protect those assets that bring all good things to life.

Do you want to help build a better planet?  Then tell the world "We Mean Business."